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Erik Pettersen

Product Manager - GreatSchools

I was very impressed with Sameer's work ethic and attention to detail.

I noticed whenever he was given a task on a project we worked on together, he'd go "all-in" and do a thorough job. In specific we were working on a method to measure the quality of the different subject matter experts on the FixYa site; He came up with an in depth, well nuanced approach to weighing and normalizing multiple factors to come up with a score that would later be used to rank the experts.

I was working on an upstream dependency from his ranking score, he made sure that I was kept in the loop and worked collaboratively on our complementary tasks.

This is just one example of the ownership he would take over a given task and the commitment and passion he has to do a job well.


 On a Thursday afternoon, CEO of a social media start up announced "Let's formulate a Quality Score for our Online Stores". The Quality Score would determine the position of an online store in search results. The company's core value was a marketplace of online experts, with a dedicated online store, who provided solutions to target users. 


The current rating system did not accurately reflect an expert's quality of solutions along with overall performance.


The rating system was completely based on user's feedback.


The new rating system was a back end web app that monitored every expert's online activity and skills sets . Now every expert could also provide differentiate and charge a premium price based on merit.

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