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Real Estate

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Christopher Smith

VP - Consumer Affairs

Sameer learns quickly and adapts well to new challenges. He brings ideas to the table and energetically pursues them. He has worked well with multiple teams to establish reporting metrics, quality score methodology, and process flows.


The company acquired and sold undeveloped land properties to target customers. They positioned their product as a retirement solution, future savings, and provision by grand parents for grand kids. All of their properties were located in southern California in the counties of Lancaster and Palmdale.


The company was not able to generate sales from ethnic communities besides the Chinese Asian population.

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Cash transactions were given a priority over any other means of monetary investment avenues.


The company worked with a regional sales manager to define target user demographics to design a product plan to market the concept of investment portfolio diversification. The new product plan generated $435,000 sales from the Indian community in the first 6 months

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