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S Crawford

VP - InvoiceASAP

Sameer is a an excellent sales manager/director. Setting realistic goals and giving instruction and structure necessary to succeed. Always available for questions or concerns Sameer insured his sales professionals were provided the tools and materials to reach their goals and excel within their position.


A Bay area start up, with a targeted online marketplace for outdoor luxury products, wanted to launch decision tools. The goal was to bring all business functions on a single platform and manage them with with one's finger tips. There was a lot of data to be analyzed and old school spread sheets were not time efficient.


Do you want web based decision tools?

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The data was not classified accurately to allow efficient functioning of the web based decision tools.


One of the major causes was that users (primarily sales team) did not enter the data uniformly.


The  product strategy team established rules and work flows of data entry via cloud based Salesforce CRM application. After rolling out Saleforce CRM, the company's sales revenue increased by 25% and order fulfillment time reduced by 50%.

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