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​Every entrepreneur starts with a thought of an idea which when well differentiated becomes a product and then a company.  We begin at the ideation level and study the entrepreneurs market, competition and product's value positioning.  Lastly we build a time and cost effective process that connects the product with its markets and acquires customers.




Web Apps


​Teynali believes that the local businesses should have a web presence to maintain a balance in the business Eco systems. We approach and consult local businesses to build front/back end web application. These web apps allow the business to generate leads and also help them manage back end operations and order fulfillment. All of this with taps on a smart screen.

Mobile Apps

Ringing Phone

​Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M) technology is the new thing. IoT is extensively used in the verticals of research,operations,consumer electronics, healthcare. Data can be tracked from hardware devices and  then stored on cloud platform for analysis. We understand the required work flows, database architecture, business logic to build an efficient mobile application.


Pencil and notepad


​SEO and SEM are the pillars of on line marketing and need a content strategy to direct the CPC and CPA campaigns. Our team does an in depth research to build a targeted keyword list for our clients.  The next step is to build an informative content around the keyword list. Finally, push the target content via affiliates, social media and marketing partners.


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