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Sameer and I worked on a project together and I got to know him well. He is a hard worker, devoted and dedicated to achieve the goals set forth by his managers. Sameer is creative and clearly articulates his thoughts in order to create and complete a successful project in a timely fashion.

Tom Shpak

Global Logistics Manager - Plenty


A college based technology start up that connects students riders with student drivers. The students riders were required to pay a tip (not a regular fare) in return for a ride offered by a fellow student driver. The start ups mission is to reduce drunk driving incidents & accidents among college students.


The students did not tip their drivers enough though they valued the service.

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The target users (registered college students) had a weak purchasing power and hence did not understand the monetary value of the service.


An Android/iOS mobile application that educated the target user and increased volume of paid rides. The product strategy differentiated the start up from Uber/Lyft to be the preferred transportation service for students.

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