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Will a skill on InDeed get a call from an InNeed?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Recently Indeed started offering online assessment tests for SaaS CRM tools like Salesforce, Oracle,JIRA etc.

Indeed vs Salesforce

SaaS application companies release certification programs to educate their clients and users. These certifications are nothing but badges that are meant to increase marketability of a specific skill set. Indeed is marketing quantitative scores of its job seeker's skill level for a specific SaaS application. Interestingly, Salesforce launched a community of Salesforce tutorials called Trailhead.Salesforce. I believe Indeed is trying to improve the reach of its job seekers where as Salesforce wants to enhance the skill level of their users.

Companies invest resources of time,money,people to conduct interviews to hire the perfect candidate. The internal teams understand the relation between their product and the external SaaS applications. Trailhead.Salesforce has an added advantage of being a training resource unlike Indeed. However, Trailhead.Salesforce does not provide a quantitative score for its users.

Few strategic questions

  • Will such badges or assessment test score influence hiring decisions? if yes, then to what extent?

  • Can a university approach Indeed and provide its own assessment tests for its programs ?

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